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Pelkan 400N light tortoise


Pelikan 400 black & gray

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Pelikan 700N

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Pelikan 700

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The online Pelikan-Guide
Martin Lehmann

These pages are intended to be a comprehensive resource of information for collectors and enthusiasts of vintage Pelikan fountain pens. They are basing on collecting these pens for more than 20 years und the publication of the book "Pelikan writing instruments" together with Mr. Dittmer.

It is obvious, that a really comprehensive guide can grow much better, if the collectors community shares in the development of this guide.

If you can provide information, corrections, images / better images / detail images - please send them via eMail and I will maintain them as soon as possible.

In 2011 and the first half-year of 2012 it was a really busy time for me so that I did not find the time to deal with problems with my  HTML-Programm and to maintain the site.
But now I add some pictures I received in the meantime

.© Martin Lehmann


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